En Route


Already starting with the French…or maybe it’s just bleary travel brain making me say silly words.  I can’t tell anymore.  We ‘awoke’ at 4:00 am this morning to ensure we got to the airport on time.  I cannot say I have ever been able to sleep well before a flight and this was no exception.  My night was fraught with anxious thoughts about whether my son will be okay, who our seatmates were going to be, whether we were going to wake up to the multiple alarms and most importantly, were we going to get to the airport on time?  Suffice to say, I personally did not achieve the full 8 hours of sleep I lavish in these days. Or nights really.  My trusty friend Carolyne arrived at bang-on 4:40 as previously determined and whisked us off to the exotic Kamloops airport. I will not detail how the tanker train blocked the road from the direction we were coming and that once we decided to go all the way around they pulled it apart to allow the accumulated traffic to flow.  It truly did not matter because we had checked in last night and had lots of time to get through the tiny security line.

Fast forward to now.  It is 4:20 Kamloops time or 7:20 EST and we are sitting in the beautiful Toronto airport.  I am going off on a tangent here; there are many ugly airports in the world but this just is not one of them.  The flight waiting areas are more like lounges; one can sit at a table and work or there are seats to simply relax into.  We arrived at 4:30 local time via Calgary and have been unwinding while anticipating our overnight flight to Paris ever since.  That is code for ‘we have a 4.5 hour layover.’  In the big scheme of the trip, it’s of no consequence.  I actually don’t mind the sitting around as it’s truly a rare treat to sit and not have anything else calling for my attention.  Except this.  Having said that, I can’t think of anything truly remarkable to report so am gonna call it.  Basically, this was just a quick update on the excursion thus far and express some enthusiasm about how the City of Love awaits these travelers tomorrow morning.  That’s when the real fun begins.

2 thoughts on “En Route

  1. Thanks for the update. Seems as though thungs are going smoothly. You’re sounding very calm and relaxed. Hope the next leg of tge journey goes as well. ❤

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